Altogen Biosystems is a leading manufacturer of cell type-specific, pre-optimized transfection reagents, in vivo transfection kits, and electroporation products for intracellular delivery of biomolecules. Efficient delivery of target molecules (siRNA, DNA, mRNA) enabled by advanced reagent formulation and pre-optimized transfection protocol design. Altogen Biosystems develops liposome-, nanoparticle-, and biodegradable polymer-based transfection technologies by applying combinatorial chemistry, molecular and cell biology expertise.

Transfection is the introduction of exogenous molecules (protein, DNA or RNA) into cultured cells and is commonly used to study gene function, modulation of gene expression, biochemical mapping, and protein production. Scientists use various carrier molecules to enable delivery of target molecules (pDNA, mRNA, siRNA, microRNA, protein) into cancer cell lines and primary cells. Unfortunately, no single delivery method or transfection reagent can be applied to all types of cells. Cellular cytotoxicity and transfection efficiencies vary dramatically and depend on the reagent, protocol, and cell type used. Altogen Biosystems offers pre-optimized transfection kits and electroporation buffers for more than 150 cell types, and tissue-targeted in vivo applications. Orders can be placed online at the individual product webpage.

Altogen Labs offers GLP compliant CRO services, pre-clinical toxicology (IND), transfection services, xenograft animal models, cell banking, RNA interference (RNAi) and gene silencing services (A-to-Z siRNA services: design, synthesis, in vitro and in vivo validation, tissue targeting, shRNA cloning, and stable RNAi cell line development), ELISA assay development, microorganism identification services (bacteria ID), and bioremediation products and services. Altogen custom services include development of stable cell line in 28 days. Generating stable cancer cell lines and primary cells can be very expensive and time-consuming. Altogen’s cell culture scientists transform cell lines of choice to stably express gene of interest or produce stable RNAi cell line.

In Vivo Transfection Kits from Altogen Biosystems

Nanoparticle-, Lipid-, and Polymer-based ALTOGEN® IN VIVO Transfection Reagents enable the delivery of functional RNA (siRNA, shRNA, microRNA) and DNA molecules in vivo for animal reseach (mouse, rat), including biodistribution and RNAi gene silencing studies. The PEG-Liposome in vivo delivery system reduces innate immune responses due to PEG modification, and provides highly efficient in vivo tissue delivery of siRNA, DNA, and protein.

Featured by Science magazine: PEG-Liposome siRNA In Vivo Transfection Kit

Altogen Biosystems offers following in vivo transfection kits for rodent research studies:

In Vivo LIPID-based Transfection Reagent : Targeted tissues: Liver, Kidney, Liver Tumors, Kidney Tumors

In Vivo POLYMER-based Transfection Reagent : Targeted tissues: Lung, Liver, Lung Tumors, Liver Tumors

In Vivo Nanoparticle-based Transfection Reagent : Targeted tissues: Kidney, Lung, Liver, Heart, Brain, Tumors 

In Vivo PEG-Liposome Transfection Reagent : Targeted tissues: Spleen, Liver, Kidney, Pancreas, Tumors

In Vivo Pancreas-targeted Transfection Kit : Targeted tissues: Pancreas, Pancreatic Tumors

Cell Transfection Reagents from Altogen Biosystems

Visit Altogen's Transfection Resource: RNAi applications, siRNA transfection, stable and transient transfection, delivery methods, in vitro and in vivo applications, virus-mediated gene delivery, nanoparticle-, liposome-, and biodegradable polymer-based invivo transfection reagents.